During construction, the management responsibility for the project shifts from our Estimating staff to our Project Management staff.  E.P. Guidi’s excellent reputation continues through the performance of our well trained, experienced Project Managers and Field Superintendents, who carry out the systematic sequence of activities during a project’s construction.  Our scope of Construction Services proceeds as soon as on-site construction is ready to begin.  These services include the following: 

  • Maintain a competent full-time, on-site Field Superintendent to supervise layout and to coordinate and provide general direction of the work and progress of the subcontractors on the site
  • Regularly inspect the work as it is being performed for contract compliance and quality control until final completion and acceptance by the Owner and design professionals
  • Establish and implement procedures to be followed for expediting and processing all shop drawings, sample submittals, catalog cuts and other project documents
  • Establish and implement effective programs relating to safety, security, jobsite records, labor relations, EEO and progress reports 
  • Establish and implement procedures to be followed for change order processing and administration
  • Maintain standard accounting systems for project cost control, reporting and record keeping
  • Review and process all applications for payment submitted by trade subcontractors and material suppliers in accordance with the terms of their contracts
  • Schedule and conduct regular jobsite meetings discuss schedule updating and orderly progress of the work