To give our projects the best advantage right out of the gate, we strive to anticipate and solve as many critical issues as possible in the Preconstruction Phase, prior to construction start. By far, the largest percentage of potential cost savings is identified through Owner/Architect/Construction Manager/Subcontractor cooperation before designs are finalized and before any subcontracts are awarded.

Working with our network of construction trade specialists, our Preconstruction staff, in consultation with our Project Management staff, is able to develop innovative project cost saving and value engineering recommendations for all types of building systems during the Preconstruction Phase.

Our scope of Preconstruction Services typically includes the following:

  • Advise Owners regarding cost control and value engineering recommendations on all aspects of planning and design
  • Prepare and update construction schedule and cost estimate
  • Study design alternatives for cost effectiveness and construction feasibility
  • Review drawings and specifications for coordination
  • Develop subcontractor interest in the project and prepare a list of prequalified subcontractor bidders for the approval of the Owner and design professionals
  • Define scopes of work for each building trade and assemble bid packages
  • Obtain bids from approved subcontractors
  • Formalize the construction schedule
  • Develop a Guaranteed Maximum Price for project construction
  • Advise Owner and design professionals regarding the schedule of procurement for materials and equipment which require long lead times for delivery
  • Recommend subcontract awards to the Owner and design professionals
  • Award subcontracts and prepare contract documents